Case study/oral power point presentation.


This scholarly Oral presentation should include the following. 

 – Abstract of the  presentation (150 words maximum).

 – In depth preview of the topic. 

 – An exemplar/case study and discussion of a relevant research study using the method (The cardiovascular and lymphatic system. This should also be the topic of this research and also the case study.)

 – Pathophysiology of the system. 

 – Clinical Manifestation. 

 – Diagnostic study/Laboratories. 

 – Clinical management/Treatment options. 

 – Evaluation of treatment. 

 – Patient education and safety. 

 – A facilitated class discussion. 

1. This research must include at least 5 peer-review references, including McCance, K.L.; & Huether, S,E. (2015). 7th edition and publication manual American Psychological Association. 

2. Times New Roman (12) point font – double spaced. 

3. Use a cover page following APA guidelines. 


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