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For this assignment, I am asking you to write a blog post. Imagine you work at the Mississippi State Department of Health and have been tasked with writing a blog to inform the Mississippi adult population about Atherosclerosis.

Before you get started, review some of the blogs here to help you get in the mindset of a Public Health Blogger! – (Links to an external site.)

  • Think about which titles are most appealing to you and why.  Read a few and think about what you like or dislike about them. Look at the way the blogs are formatted. This will help you as you start to create your own content.

Assignment Info

Content: Clearly describe what Atherosclerosis is, the diseases associated with it, and risk factors. Give your readers action items for what they can do to prevent Atherosclerosis.

To demonstrate originality, please include information from at least 3 sources outside of the lecture.

Empirical evidence: All the claims and suggestions you make need to be directly related to scientific evidence, which should be properly cited.

Pictures: You must include one original picture in your blog post: either photos you take, or art (hand-drawings are fun!)

Title: Think of an engaging title to attract readers!

Length: Your blog post should be 500-1,000 words long (not including the reference list).

Audience: You are targeting adults in Mississippi. Readability should be at an 8th grade reading level. Click here to learn how to check readability in Word. (Links to an external site.)

Format: Type your blog post in a Word document, and copy & paste the pictures into the appropriate location in the text. Submit your Word document here on Canvas.


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