English exam | English homework help

I need someone to go into my account and do my english profiency exam. I simply do not have time. It’s basic english questions but I’d really like an english major/teacher. I took it once and failed by 2 questions. This is my last attempt so I need to pass it. Don’t need an A just a pass. I think it’s 45 questions, It took me 30 minutes when I took it. They give you 50 minutes to take it and you HAVE to get 30 correct to pass. If you are not confident you can pass please do not take this job on. If I fail again I will need to take an English class, even though I’m about to graduate in 3 weeks. It will push graduation back. My english credits are just old./


I will provide my account information through private e-mail if you choose to do this exam for me. Like I said 45 questions 50 min time limit.

 Needs to get done today


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