Front desk htm 280 week 8 due 11/15


The Front Desk


In a hotel, the front desk is considered the heart of hotel operations. Generally, all hotel guests have some form of contact with the front desk whether they are booking a room, checking in or out, calling on the phone, registering complaints, and requesting information. An effective and efficiently operated front desk is very important to the financial success of a hotel. For this assignment, you are going to conduct a research study on front desk operations and its impact on the financial success of the hotel


Write a 5–6 pg. in which you:

  • Provide a brief history of how front desk operations have evolved over the last 25 years, including how tasks have changed, evolved, or disappeared.
  • Provide a step-by-step approach for front desk agents in taking a hotel room reservation for a guest.
    • For each step, describe the actions required, necessary information collected, and the purpose of collecting this information.
    • Document a hypothetical script for a front desk agent to follow when taking a hotel room reservation for a guest (either over the phone or in-person).
  • Discuss how technology has changed guest service and reservations for all hotel guests, and how a lack of guest knowledge of technological changes can impact hotel operations and customer satisfaction.
  • Determine what roles the front desk plays in the safety of their guests and the procedures the front desk should follow in order to protect the hotel guests.
  • Determine the financial impact of front desk agents not effectively managing the billing and guest folio process in a hotel.
  • Provide two detailed examples of mismanagement of the billing and guest folio processes, and the impact on hotel finances. 
  • Use at least three references from the Strayer Library.

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