I need help with physics homework | physics | College of Saint Benedict

I need help with three problems in physics and I’m looking for someone who can help me with my physics assignment:

1. Billy-Joe stands on the Talahatchee Bridge kicking stones into the water below. 

(a) If Billy-Joe kicks a stone with a horizontal velocity of 3.90 m/s, and it lands in the water a horizontal distance of 6.20 m from where Billy-Joe is standing, what is the height of the bridge? 

(b) If the stone had been kicked harder, how would this affect the time it would take to fall?

2. The movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” begins with a pilot dropping a bottle out of an airplane. It is recovered by a surprised native below, who thinks it is a message from the gods. If the plane from which the bottle was dropped was flying at an altitude of 700. m, and the bottle lands 500. m horizontally from the initial dropping point, how fast was the plane flying when the bottle was released?

3. Tad drops a cherry pit out of the car window 1.2 m above the ground while traveling down the road at 24 m/s. How far, horizontally, from the initial dropping point will the pit hit the ground?

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