Microsoft access – animal hospital database

Create the following queries using the animal hospital database (see attached document) Please make sure my query’s are correct – if not please re-do them.

Query1: Get the AnimalID, Breed, AnimalName of all the dogs who are 3 years old.  

Query2: Get the number of animal visits by each animal (AnimalID).

Hint: You can refer to database lab tutorial query 10 for the use of Totals.

Query3: Get the first name and last name of all the clients whose first name starts with letter B or whose last name contains letter e.

Hint: You can refer to database lab tutorial query 3 for the use of wildcard character.

Query4: Get the AnimalID and Names of the animals who had at least two visits with Doctor Hopkins.

Query5: For each ClientID, get the total balance that the client still needs to pay for all the visits together. The balance for each visit is calculated as the difference between Fee and Paid.

Hint: For calculating the balance, you may refer to database lab tutorial query 12 for the use of [ ], etc.

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