Mobile forensics lab | Computer Science homework help



Mobile forensics is a fast-evolving science with rapid changes to techniques capable of accessing and analyzing data from mobile devices.

Digital crimes using mobile devices is growing. Criminal activity utilizing a mobile device leaving traces that can be important evidence in a criminal investigation. The advanced and constantly improving methods for analyzing technical evidence makes mobile forensics a rapidly growing field.

When considering a career in mobile forensics, it might be useful to consider how to overcome the challenges you will face. We have listed five key challenges here. In this lab you write a research paper 750 words in length using APA style addressing these five challenges in mobile forensics:

  1. What are the challenges with mobile password security and encryption in a forensics investigation?
  2. How do Operating Systems on mobile devices differ and how do digital forensics investigators address those differences?
  3. What software tools and equipment are necessary to extract evidence for mobile forensics investigation?
  4. What anti-forensics techniques do criminals use to circumvent mobile forensics analysis?
  5. What are the roles and responsibilities of manufacturers and software developers in assisting with the process of mobile forensics?

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