palisade creek co. solution | Management homework help

Attached is my project for Palisade Creek Co. 

The problem and the instructions are listed as Comprehensive Problem 2.

I have completed numbers 1 and 2  but would like you to review them and make any adjustments that may be required. These files are saved as Journal Pg 20 (Unadjusted), Journal Pg 21 (Unadjusted) and General Ledger (only the initial transactions are posted, you will need to post adjustments and closing entries when you get to that (problem 6) in the instructions.

3. Use the file saved as UnadjTrialBalance_Adjustments_AdjTrialBalance Sheet (you will also use this file for # 7 and #10, 

4. Lists the accounts needing adjusting (which actually happens in #6)  

Skip number 5 

6. Use file saved as Journal Pg 22 Adjusting Entries and then post to the general ledger.

7. Use use the same file you used in #3 (UnadjTrialBalance_Adjustments_AdjTrialBalance Sheet)

8. Use the file saved as Income Statement, the file saved as Statement of Owners Equity, and the file saved as Balance Sheet

9. Use the file saved as Journal Pg 23 Closing Entries and the file saved as General Ledger

10. Use the file saved as Post Closing Trial Balance

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