Pest analysis on economic and social/culture of the country turkey.

Do a research on the PEST analysis on Economic and Social/Cultural of the country TURKEY.










The essay MUST include;


Economic of Turkey:

  • mention all the statistics including GDP, employment, unemployment, etc)
  • opportunities of entering (trade policies)
  • standards of living
  • spending power, disposable income
  • consumer spending (focus on food)
  • gap between rich and poor
  • employment/unemployment rate
  • is the government doing anything to create more jobs?

Social/Cultural of Turkey

  • population statistics
  • how many foreigners entering turkey
  • talk about the country itself (what its known for, its language, religion and etc)
  • muslim = halal?
  • all food there is it Halal?
  • what do they eat?
  • where do they eat?
  • Do they eat at restaurants often or cook at home or buy home to eat?
  • are they open to asian food?
  • do they buy asian spices (if possible)
  • are they health conscious?
  • statistics on consumptions of caborhydrates, meat and etc.
  • a HOFSTEDE’s Model of turkey

The essay should incude: references, tables, charts, figures for evidence to support your findings


I have attached an essay sample, please use it as a guide. Just look at the 2.2 Economic part as well as the 2.3 Social/Cultural from the attached essay. Please look at the file first before writing to understand on what to write.  Tables and charts on the evidence you find are important therefore you will need to provide them. You are able to cut and paste the figures and charts from the internet. HARVARD STYLE References must be inserted at the very last page on all information taken from the internet.

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