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This is a 2 part assignment and links are provided below.

Part A: Running Records-Include a well-rounded reflection of at least 250 but no more than 300 words on what you learned from the readings and videos. Please share with your peers your understanding of how the information from this module ties in together with the instructional information provided in the text.

How does a running record with miscue analysis help to inform your preparation for phonics instruction?

Part B: at least 100 but no more than 150 words Fluency is more than just giving students a one minute read or sending them off with a partner to practice their fluency. There are several components to being a fluent reader.

In your own words, 1) describe what fluency is, 2) how do we teach it, and 3) what are ways to assess fluency. In the readings from this module, 4) how do fluency and phonics instruction connect to and impact each other?

Here are the links to the readings and the videos for each part.


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