Problem campain cas 325b | Education homework help

 campaign proposal: it can be like an after school hours event once a week that is basically just a game room with fun stuff the kids would like and food. This would help to create a space for kids to hang out with each other in person and also to create a positive atmosphere at the school campus ( the kid spent too much time on screen)

UTILIZE the main points from the OUTLINE (“The best way to get through to teens if teen spent too much time on screen” . )into an integrated PROPOSAL format.
Using the template given, create a PROPOSAL that clearly identifies the problem( too much time on screen),
states the importance of the problem, shows the status of the problem with empirical
data, creates a cultural, theoretical and developmental explanation of the problem and
a proposed solution ( for student who spend so much time on screen)

I need 2 pages 

For outlines, use APA outline formatting taken from APA guidelines.
For proposal, use template provided. cite all the information

In all writing assignments:
You may only use 3rd person (no 1st person: I, me, our, we etc.), typed, double-spaced,
APA formatting, APA style reference page, APA in-text citations and academic style
paragraphs, language and tone.  Be sure to check spelling and grammatical errors.  



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