Putting data in mysql workbench


1) Project goals.
2) Database description: A general description of the database, what data is stored in the database.
How the database will benefit the users.
3) Data model & design:
o Completed ER/EER diagram, 5 tables minimum (8 tables in case the group has 2
 MUST use https://www.draw.io to draw the ER diagram, and then take a
 Include a snapshot of the diagram in the report.
o Business rules.
o Data dictionary: For each one of the tables, list columns, data types, column restrictions,
column descriptions.


4) Implementation:
o Use MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench to create the database/tables.
 Include a snapshot of the SQL code in your report
o Populate the each table with a minimum of 20 rows of sample data. Make sure the
entered data is descriptive (not just random numbers and letters.
 Include a snapshot of the SQL code in your report.
o Use MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench to write/run the SQL queries below. For
each query, provide the following in Report 2:
  Snapshot of the code and the output in the report.  
 In about 2 lines, explain what the query returns.
 1 trivial query. Simple select with ordering.
 2 medium difficulty queries. Queries that use composite condition for selection,
computations, aggregate function and grouping.  
 1 query that uses subquery.
 2 queries that uses join (1 inner join, 1 left or right outer join).
 1 view (query must use join – hint: you can use one of the queries from the
previous question).
 1 query that uses union.
 1 custom stored function.
 1 custom stored procedure. 


 CHILDREN: Id, First Name, Last Name ,Age, Gender, Instructor Id,  Guardian Number PROFESSOR : Id, First Name,  Last Name,  Home Address, Department,  Office Hours, Office Phone

 ACCOUNTING: Date,  Rental fee,  Electricity,Servicing , Tax paid ,Earning , Worker’s salary , Contribution

 HEALTH SECTOR: Children Id,  Sickness,  Disabled,  Hypersensitive,  Vaccination,  Health Records,  Prescription 

CATALOG: Books, Cardboard, Ink-pen, Highlighter,  pencil

  List of the 10 questions 

1. Display all the columns and rows of the children’s table whose first name starts with the letter B for every class. 

2. Display all the columns from the professor table whose office phone starts with 6.

 3. Display how many children have each professor has. 

4. Display worker’s salary and electricity bill of 2020. 

5. Display Guardian Number of the children with prescription. 

6. Display the name of the children with disabilities whose names start with c, d, and f.

 7. Display the name of the children who are healthy and have no medical history. 

8. Display the name of the children who have hypersensitive. 

9. Display the name of the children who are using cardboard and have medical prescriptions. 

10. Display tax paid and contribution.  

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