Reflection piece for micro economic 200

 This piece only require a page or 2, and it is due on the next 5 hours today. 

Attached are the course book for Mirco economic


Outline 3 specific examples of how you could use the course material 

in your personal and/or professional lives. For instance, can you think of 

any personal decisions that you will face in the future that you will now be better able to handle? 

Or, if you have a future career in mind, can you 

think of any skills, tools or concepts that you will be able to utilize? Are there any specific issues that you now view differently having taken this course?  You can approach your examples in any way, but these are some suggestions to get you started. You  will  be  evaluated  on  the  thoughtfulness  and  detail  of  your  examples.  In  general,  1  to  2 paragraphs per example should suffice, though this will depend on the clarity and depth of your discussion. Please be specific and avoid vague examples. 

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