Research paper on multi factor authentication – policy-making in the


Policy-Making in the Digital age

It is 15 page research paper on Multi Factor Authentication. 


The paper should have a problem statement.

· What is the problem?

· Who has the problem?

· Why?

Description of Background. (About organization)

Recent data breaches due to organizations not having Multiafactor Authentication. (Should be recent in 5 years time period)

How can an organization prevent such breaches?

Literate review of different policies an organization can follow to prevent data breaches.

What policies should an organization develop to prevent such data breaches?

How should organization implement the developed policies?

What are the limitations of the policy Implementation?

Future advancements to provide strong security.(Adding Biometric solutions to the policies)

What steps should government take to support such policies?


(Please add any points necessary to be a good research paper.)

Please include google scholar references (peer reviewed papers).

Include in-text citations. Use APA format.

Prepare power point presentation based on the paper.

No plagiarism.

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