Responses to gender-based violence | Sociology homework help

  1. Choose one of the six scenarios listed below to respond to.
  2. Consider the following about your case study/scenario:
    • What power dynamics are at play in this situation?
    • What would a a) criminal justice b) restorative justice c) transformative justice response look like in this situation?
  3. Write a post responding the following questions:
    • What scenario did you review?
    • What kind of response do you think would be most effective? What elements of criminal, restorative, and transformative justice will your response borrow from?
    • Whose needs will be centered in your response?
    • What kinds of outcomes will be centered in your response?
    • Who will be responsible for making sure a just resolution is reached in your response?
  4. Reflect on and respond to one another’s responses and considerations in your replies. 

SCENARIOSChoose one of the following scenarios:

#1: The staff and students at a large, diverse high school in the Bay Area notice a lot of sexual harassment occurring during passing periods in the hallway. They realize that just during the Fall semester, two young women have already dropped out or transferred due to sexual harassment they had experienced at the school.

#2: A robotics team from a non-residential college travels to a competition in another city. While they are staying away at a hotel, a male member of the team sexually assaults one of the team’s few female members.

#3: Footage surfaces of a popular athlete at a large university beating and insulting his girlfriend while drunk after a party. After this happens, other women on campus start speaking up about poor treatment and battering incidents they endured while previously dating two other members of the team. There is some suspicion that the coaches had previously been made aware of the behavior.

#4: Members of a social-justice oriented community organization regularly observe one of their leaders and volunteer organizers verbally berating her teenage children. They are concerned that she is under a lot of stress as a single mother. One day, another member (who is not a mandated reporter) sees her slap her fourteen year old son during an argument in the parking lot.

#5: A staff member at a tenants’ rights organization has previously dated two men who volunteered at the organization. Both relationships ended on bad terms with the volunteer leaving the organization. Other men volunteering have complained that the staff member is making them uncomfortable because he regularly hits on them during their volunteer shifts.

#6: Bandmates become concerned about a new romantic relationship between their longtime band member, Darcy, who is 28 and cisgender, and a new bandmate, Tara, a 21 year old trans woman. Darcy often criticizes Tara’s musical performances harshly. Tara always seems to be tiptoeing around Darcy and seems afraid of upsetting her. Lately, whenever they show up to band practice Tara is often in tears, but Darcy seems calm and collected.

Optionally you can explore Restorative Justice Approaches further here , and Transformative Justice Approaches and values here 

Criminal Justice/Restorative Justice/Transformative Justice Approaches

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