Riverbed modeler academic edition | Electrical Engineering homework help

1) These two Labs are going to be counted as one lab. One report is to be submitted for both Labs.

2) There must be a cover page for your report with your name, Title (Shared & Switched Ethernet Network Simulation using Riverbed Modeller (OPNET)), Course Number (EE450) and Session Number (1, 2, 3, DEN) and that is it.  

3) A brief abstract that covers both Labs

4) A diagram of the Simulation Model

5) Answer Questions and provide the Simulation Results with “Labeled Graphs” (i.e. you need to label your graphs as Fig 1; xxxx, Fig 2: yyyy and so on). Any question that asks for “comparison for example simulating the effects on the number of nodes on the Throughput or Delay etc… MUST be sketched on the SAME GRAPH. All your graphs should be “averaged”, i.e. I do NOT want to see “wild fluctuations” of the curves (Like Noise), use the averaging tool to generate smooth curves

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